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Paragon Enhancements – September, 2017

During the month of September, the following changes took place within Paragon:

Green fields: In an ongoing effort to ensure the NEREN(R) MLS provides you the most resources to effectively market your Green listings, we have completed the modifications to the latest RESO data standards, as follows:

In all property classes a new ‘bucket’ has been added in listing maintenance called “Power Production“. The two sets of fields contained herein are related to Photovoltaics (Solar) and wind, as follows:

Power Production Type

Mount Location

Mount Type

Power Production Size

Power Production Annual

Power Production Annual Status

Power Production Year Install

Power Production Verification Source

In addition, another new ‘bucket’ has been added in all property classes except land called “Green Mktg & 3rd Party Ver.” which is short for “Green Marketing & Third Party Verification’s”. The three sets of Green Verification Program fields have been moved out of the “Features” bucket and placed herein, along with the following new green marketing fields:

Green Energy Efficient

Green Energy Generation

Green Indoor Air Quality

Green H20 (Water) Sustainability

Green H20 (Water) Conservation

With the addition of these fields, we also created new report views called “AGNT Green” and “CUST Green” for all property classes. This is located in the Details folder when you click on the “Reports” button within Paragon. These new report views contain all the relevant Green fields on the first page of the report.

Other system enhancements this month include:

Expanded service area to now allow the entry of listings in the State of Rhode Island

Added a selection of “None” to the “Restrictions” field

On a Spreadsheet view, the system now reflects a value in the “Price – Previous” field


Paragon Enhancements – August, 2017

The following changes and enhancements were implemented in Paragon during the month of August:

  • The Collaboration Center welcome email a client/customer receives will be significantly improved; many of the updates to the email are based on NEREN member feedback to improve the overall look and feel of these communications.
  • Searches completed within Paragon will now display a time stamp which includes the date and time that search was completed, another NEREN request.
  • Improvements to Listing Input/Maintenance includes:   – The “Save” button will be highligted in green so as to make it stand out better,

    – The message received by the user will be enhanced to indicate additional steps the user may wish to take on the listing, such as uploading photos, attachments or linking to Supra.

– The quick actions that are available in the actions drop-down will be added to               regular LIM for quicker access to these functions.

  • The required fields to complete a CMA will be changing; currently if a field is required in LIM, it is required in the CMA tool. Now, only_______ (TBD after I hear back from team) will be required when entering a CMA.
  • The requirement to include Date – MLS List and Date – Expiration when entering a partial listing will be removed.
  • Members will now have the ability to access statistical reports for members who are outside of their Firm/Office.
  • New Selections of “Townhouse” and “None” were added to the Property Type field in the Rental Property Class.

Paragon Enhancements – July, 2017

The following changes and enhancements were implemented in Paragon during the month of July:

  • Added a new selection of “Senior Community” under Property Type in the Rental Property Class only
  • Added a new selection of “Furnishings” to the Negotiable field for Residential
  • Removed the “Exposure” field from Commercial Lease
  • Many new report views were added – 1 pg and 2 pg
  • Remarks & Directions are now available to be cloned
  • “Restrictions” is required when Property Type = Condo.

Big Maps Update Notice from Paragon

NEREN MLS Staff have received this update from Paragon regarding the changes in behavior with BING maps within the Paragon software. Please read their notice below.

Dear MLS Customers,

The Bing Map service used in the Paragon MLS system was updated to the Version 8 with the Paragon 5.59 release. This change was mandatory as previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft as of June 30, 2017 (

To keep you updated, here are the issues and their current status:

1. Bird’s Eye Views are not displaying in certain locations

This is a direct result of a decision by Microsoft to remove outdated imagery in Bing for Bird’s Eye views some 10+ years old.  See Microsoft statement as follows:

“Birdseye imagery is currently not available in Bing Maps V8. The migration guide doesn’t mention Birdseye imagery but it does state that anything that isn’t mentioned is planned to be in the V8 control. Currently the Birdseye imagery in Bing Maps V7 is very old, some images are 10+ years old. This is one of the highest points of customer dissatisfaction that we have. We have collected a lot of new imagery, but it still needs to be processed so that it can be exposed to the V8 map control.

Additionally we are creating a new user experience around Birdseye as the current experience isn’t as fluid as it can be and is an issue for many. Processing the imagery takes several months to do. Developing the new user experience will also take a few months.” 

Note:  No additional updates were available from Microsoft at the time of this communication.

2. Automatic View

Microsoft removed the Automatic View with Bing v8. Instead of removing that option throughout the Paragon interface, BK MLS matched the Automatic View to the Road View.  This will allow us to retain the Automatic View as we begin the project to convert to the Google Mapping solution through the end of 2017.

3. Navigation Controls

The controls in the upper right hand corner which allowed the end user to click to pan in any Direction was removed with the V8 release. This was especially useful when drawing shapes close to the edge of the screen.  Work is underway to recreate the Bing Pan control previously used in the older version of Bing map.

In addition to the items above, it has come to our attention that Internet Explorer 11 users attempting to print in Paragon are, in some cases, receiving an error. This has been acknowledged by Microsoft as a known issue with the June 2017 security update for Windows.

Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in their article when available. To learn more, please visit the link below:


Black Knight MLS Solutions

New Report Views Available

In response to many member requests, the following reports are now available to all Paragon users:

1)  AGNT 1PG G2 – As the name implies, this is a 1-page “Agent” report and it was created with input from many members.  The font size is deliberately very small, balancing the demand for a 1-page printout and the inclusion of as much data as possible, especially in support of showings.  Most of the data fields included in the report can be modified to reflect your personal preferences using the “Customize-Fields” command when viewing any listing.  This report supports all property classes.

2)  CUST 1PG G2 – As the name implies, this is a 1-page “Customer” report.  In its default form, it is identical to the AGNT 1PG G2 report, except for the 3 groups of “confidential/internal” fields at the bottom.  Those fields have been replaced with more prominent “Prepared By” information and a map.  Again, most of the data fields can be modified to reflect your personal preferences using the “Customize-Fields” command when viewing any listing.  This report supports all property classes.

3)  AGNT 2PG G2 – This is a 2-page “agent” report and it was also developed with significant member input.  The font size is larger to improve readability and all fields available in listing maintenance are included.  As with the 1-page reports above, most fields can be modified to match your personal preference with the “Customize-Fields” command.  This report supports all property classes.

4)  CUST 2PG G2 – This is a 2-page “customer” report.  In its default form, it is identical to the AGNT 2PG G2 report, except for the 4 groups of “confidential/internal” fields at the bottom of page 2.  Those fields have been replaced with more prominent “Prepared By” information and a map.  Again, most of the data fields can be modified to reflect your personal preferences using the “Customize-Fields” command when viewing any listing.  This report supports all property classes.

5)  In addition, the AGNT 2UP report has been updated to include new fields that were recently added to Paragon and to extend support to all property classes.

These reports can all be found in the “Details” section under the “Reports” drop down.

Tip:  If you take advantage of the report customization feature in Paragon and you work with customers in addition to clients, consider duplicating your modifications in both the CUST and AGNT versions of “your” reports.  This will ensure your customers have access to the same data fields as you do in your AGNT report (excluding the confidential fields of course).

Paragon System Enhancements June, 2017

The following Paragon system changes and enhancements were made in June, 2017:

1. Fixed Market Monitor so Open Houses/Tours would display when the days are set to 0.
2. Bing Mapping Software updated to the latest version (8).
3. Changed displays in the Collaboration Center to be dynamic (meaning if there is no value in the field, it will not display).
4. The default setting for listing display in the Collaboration Center has been updated to “Newest to Oldest” from the previous default setting of “Highest Price to Lowest Price”.
5. A new link has been added to mobile displays in the Collaboration Center to allow the user to easily view the desktop version of the listing information.
6. Phone numbers that are displayed in the Collaboration Center can now be clicked on to place a call.
7. New Photo arrows have been added to Mobile Views in the Collaboration Center to alert the user there are more photos to view.
8. Fixed display of the SqFt field in the Collaboration center that was applying six 0’s after the decimal point.
9. Fixed an error in the CMA tool which was showing a display error when viewing the map of the property detail page.
10. Fixed an issue on the Agent Full report when the user experienced an error when attempting to click the email address to send a message.
11. Continued work to update Feature Field selections to make them relevant to the Property Class.

Paragon System Enhancements May, 2017

  1. City/State have been added to the CC2 email notifications
  2. Default options on CMA Presentation set up are now available within the CMA Preferences Wizard.  This means that you can now set your default options on the Comparable Report, CMA Summary, CMA Comparable Property Statistics and CMA Seller’s Net Sheet.
  3. The Tax Autofill tool on CMA is now linking appropriately to our third party public record source, CRS.
  4. All references to “Client Connect” has been removed from the system; it now reflects “Collaboration Center” everywhere.
  5. The duplicate display of the Status field in the Collaboration Center was fixed.
  6. City/State was added to listing views in the Collaboration Center on Mobile.
  7. Fixed an issue within the Collaboration Center portals that were not resetting correctly; specifically previously sorted listings were not retained causing the user to resort each time they accessed the portal.
  8. Fixed an issue where a listings were displaying twice in Power Search.
  9. Changed accepted values in Max Width and Max Length in Boat Facility to handle XXX.XX as opposed to XX only
  10. Added selection of “Reservoir” to Water Body Type

In addition, all Listing Input Forms were updated on May 17th to reflect system changes and enhancements!